What are DrivewaySpikes made of?
One inch thick, solid recycled rubber tires

Will the rubber spikes damage my tires?
No. There is no metal in DrivewaySpikes

To run over rubber spikes sounds crazy.How long can they last?  The Spikes are rated for 4000 violent  impacts. When a vehicles runs over Drivewayspikes,the tire will lay down the spike.

There is no true impact..Our fake rubber spikes are made with a UV stabilizer.

Can DrivewaySpikes be seen at night?
Yes. There is a 2″ wide Reflective Yellow strip down the middle for night visibility.

Will DrivewaySpikes move if I drive on them?
No. They have been tested at 14 mph forward and reverse.

Where do I place DrivewaySpikes?
Find the middle of your driveway and place DrivewaySpikes. As close to the street as you feel appropriate.

How much does Drivewayspikes cost?

3″ tall model = $44.95 with FREE SHIPPING

6″ tall model = $54.95 with FREE SHIPPING

$5.00 OFF

with purchase of one set
coupon code: 5off


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