Our Story at Drivewayspikes

In 2006, after a flood caused the Merrimack River to surge and destroy large sections of a major road where we live, our town was forced to detour the road past our formerly quiet street. The traffic quickly became annoying and more importantly, dangerous. Cars were constantly missing the detour and using our driveway and our neighbors’ driveways as a place to turn around. Our driveway was damaged and repaired three times due to increased use, and with small children in the neighborhood, safety concerns grew.

Our temporary solution was to park outside of the driveway and strategically place orange cones to keep unwanted cars out. This quickly became a nuisance, however, as we continually had to get out of the car, move the cones, drive in or out, and replace the cones whenever we left or returned to our home. We knew there had to be a better way.

That was when Gayle had an idea – rubber “fingers” to look like spikes! The rubber “spikes” were fashioned and established on a platform made from wood and aluminum. After propping them up in our driveway and sharing a model with a neighbor, we all began to realize how effective this invention had become – no more undesirable cars, safety concerns, or unwanted hassle. With this, Drivewayspikes was born.

Creating a Company

Our personal experience and creation prompted the realization that other people were facing similar problems. After updating our model to reflect the safety and needs of others, DrivewaySpikes extended to paid parking lots, night club lots for VIP parking, cell lots, and even as props in commercials.

The need for Drivewayspikes is present, and we’re happy to fulfill that service.

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Flexible rubber spikes

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