In 2006 after a flood caused the Merrimack River to surge and destroy large sections of a major road where we live, the

town was forced to detour the road past our formally quiet street. This became annoying and more importantly, dangerous. Cars were constantly missing the detour and using our driveway and our neighbors’ driveways as a place to turn around. Our neighbors have small children, which was causing a concern for safety. Our driveway was damaged from the increased use. The end of our driveway had been repaired 3 times.

We would have to park our cars at the end of the driveway, or use orange cones strategically placed. However, that was also a nuisance. Having to get out of the car, move cones, drive in and then place the cones again, only to have to it again when leaving our house.

There had to be a more practical solution to this issue.

Gayle had an idea! Rubber fingers to look like spikes. We fashioned the rubber “spikes” and mounted them onto a platform made of wood and aluminum. Drivewayspikes was born. After a short while, we realized how effective it was. No more traffic turning around in our driveway. After providing a neighbor with a DrivewaySpikes, she also noticed a huge improvement.


Creating a company

From our research, we knew many other people No_UTurnhave the same problem.
Drivewayspikes uses extend to Paid parking lots,Night Club lots for VIP parking,Cell lots,and props in commercials.

The need for Drivewayspikes was present.

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Flexible rubber spikes

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