Frequently Asked Questions

What are Drivewayspikes made of?
The base is made of six pounds of rubber. The spikes are made from a Plastic polymer and are shaped to imitate sharp, metal spikes.

Will the rubber spikes damage my tires?
No. The spikes do not contain any metal and will not damage tires or other parts of your vehicle. When a vehicle runs over Drivewayspikes, the tire will bend the spike down. The spike will pop up back into place after the vehicle has passed over it.

Can Drivewayspikes be seen at night?
Yes. There is a 2” wide reflective yellow strip in the center of the rubber platform for nighttime visibility, along with bright yellow rubber spikes attached to the base.

Will Drivewayspikes move if I drive on them?
No, they have been tested by a moving vehicle at up to 14 mph going both forwards and reverse and stayed in place.

Where do I place Drivewayspikes?
Find the middle of your driveway and place Drivewayspikes where cars would otherwise unwantedly drive in. Place them as close to the street as you feel is appropriate.

What sizes do you offer and how much are they?
We offer a 22-inch long version at $44.95 and have plans to offer a 47-inch long version in the future. Click here to be alerted when they are available!

If something should happen to a spike, can I replace it?
Yes! We offer replacement spikes that can be installed in minutes, keeping your driveway protected.

Have additional questions?

Don't hesitate to ask!

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