Driveway Detour

Posted: Monday, October 13, 2014 3:15 am

The Mother’s Day flood of 2006 caused the Merrimack River to surge eight feet above flood stage, it devoured large sections of a road that were never repaired.

The town detoured the road, transforming our quiet street into a highly trafficked deter. For Gayle, Don, and neighbors the situation became annoying and dangerous when people began turning around in their driveways after missing the detour.

We had the end of the driveway repaved three times over a few years.

I would park my truck or orange cone at the end of the driveway which became a nuisance, as it had to be moved every time we left or returned home.

Looking for a more practical method of protecting their driveway. Gayle noticed several rubber fingers.She realized they could be used to fashion an imitation spike strip, and the first version of DrivewaySpikes was born.

Don crafted the first one out of a piece of oak, aluminum and the rubber spikes. The first version was really expensive to make. After a few months went by, the couple realized its effectiveness.

We looked online and found so many forums that came up with so many aggravated people with the same problem.

Gayle also realized its potential to appeal to parents and those with animals as an added safety to the property.DrivewaySpikes are now made of 1″ thick,solid recycled rubber,  reflective safety yellow,and  rubber spikes.

Neighbor Martha said she seen a huge improvement with the DrivewaySpikes.







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