Fake rubber spikes stop u-turns

Fake rubber spikes . Drivewayspikes Are you tired of cars using your driveway for u-turns? Do you worry your children and pets may be at risk of injury from these cars?

drivewayspikes                             Remember if you have been lost or missed your turn? Frustrated?Angry?           reflective Driveway Spikes

Now you want to get back on track.Most drivers looking to make a u-turn look AT a driveway,NOT who may be in there.Any child,you,classic car are in danger. It may be as distracting as texting.

Drivewayspikes is a revolutionary new product that’s the perfect solution for discouraging unwanted vehicles from entering your driveway. The fake  rubber spikes are completely harmless.The heavy-duty base is made from recycled rubber tires. They provide a visual deterrent because they look like sharp and harmful tire spikes.

Low profile driveway barrier. Child safety.You are able to stay in your car.No need to move chains,barrels,orange cones….when you leave and return home.


A point of interest..anything you place at the end of your driveway and causes damage ,you are held liable. Caltrops,real metal spikes,boards with nails,road spikes,tire spikes,you own it.

Drivewayspikes features a 2 inch D.O.T reflective yellow strip that alerts drivers to stay off your driveway even at night. One unit accommodates a 14 foot wide driveway.

Customers report Drivewayspikes are 100% effective at keeping annoying and dangerous vehicles off their property!
Drivewayspikes are in use at nightclub parking lots,paid lots,cell lots,and as commercial props.

No damage to tires with our fake rubber spikes, but the average person is not going to be aware of this.
“I’ve loved having Drivewayspikes in the driveway. We leave them in place and feel safer with the kids. We can leave toys out in the driveway and not have to worry about them being run over by strangers. No one dares to try and pull into our driveway anymore,” comments one user in Miami.

Order Drivewayspikes online today and take advantage of our free shipping offer. Visit Drivewayspikes.com.

Drivewayspikes, nail down driver safety!

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