Replacement Mounting Hardware


DrivewaySpikes™ mounting hardware kit. Kit includes 4x plastic conical anchors, 4x ¼” Philips head machine screws and 4x ¼” washers. Note: All models come with hardware included as standard. This kit is sold as a replacement in case of breakage from excessive use of your DrivewaySpikes™.

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DrivewaySpikes™ are designed to stop unwanted vehicle traffic for residential, commercial and government use. This traffic safety product appears like it would puncture tires when driven over but features flexible polymer yellow colored spikes to prevent vehicle damage. DrivewaySpikes™ can be used to keep children and pedestrian movements safe while protecting your property. The base is made from durable EPDM rubber with U.V. protection and features a reflective yellow stripe on the top side for nighttime visibility. This is our mounting hardware kit.

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