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These really did the trick in tutoring our mail delivery person from patching out our front yard which he had been doing despite notes and other reflectors that attempted to show him the edge of our yard

We live in a tourist area and happen to be the first driveway passed a major attraction that has poor signage. There used to be a line waiting to turn around in our driveway. We also have a circle driveway that people would pull in and drive through the grass around our cars in the driveway!!! The final straw was the day the person pulled in going way too fast nearly hitting our child who was riding her bike in her own driveway. Many people suspect they may be fake…but are not confident enough to test it.  It’s a small price to pay for the safety of the kids. Thanks so much! You have made a huge difference in our lives…50+ turnarounds a day to 0!!!

                                                                                                                                                                                    Erin C.


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Driveway spikes have provided additional security for my family facing the challenge of a disability. My husband has ALS and has the freedom of being outside in his wheelchair without the fear of fast-turning cars approaching our driveway.

Martha M.

I am elderly, live alone and become very concerned when strangers pull in and out of my driveway. Drivewayspikes make me feel safer, especially when entering and leaving the house.

Cathy H.

My wife did not think they would work, but they do! It’s been two weeks now and no more cars! Yippee! It’s used to be at least 5 during the day and 1 every other night. Weekends were worse. I still can’t believe two weeks have passed and not even one car!

Very sturdy, arrived fast

Donna K.

Great, safe product. Finally found something to keep delivery drivers from endangering the safety of my dogs in the yard. Completely safe to drive over, but provides enough of a deterrent to anyone who doesn’t know better.

Chritopher G.

As a busy mom with three children, I no longer need to maneuver my car to block the driveway.

Kim B

I was literally having 30 cars a day on slow days and 50 or more on the weekend. I placed 3 Drivewayspikes across the driveway.

These spikes are 100% effective thanks!



I finally picked one of these up after one car broke down right in the middle of my driveway blocking me in! Had to call a cab because the the tow truck was taking too long and I was running late. But boy am I glad I’ve gotten rid of the pesky cars for good

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