Drivewayspikes Features

The Details

DrivewaySpikes are made from basic materials that are designed to be long-lasting, strong, and effective. In two different sizes and a variety of personalized options to choose from, here’s everything you need to know:

The spikes are made from thick rubber
The base is made from 6 pounds of recycled tires
1” thick, 6” wide
22” DrivewaySpikes will handle up to a 14’ driveway
Two height options available to suit different needs
Every DrivewaySpikes comes with a highly reflective D.O.T yellow strip for nighttime visibility
NO metal or moving parts
Doesn’t require electricity or batteries
Anchors are available for purchase separately for concrete and asphalt driveways
Provides peace of mind and safety for owners and guests to drive on or over without tire damage


The Problem

DrivewaySpikes were created with purpose and are distinctive enough to fit the needs of many different people and establishments. Here’s the problem many of our customers face:

Unwanted vehicles using your driveway to make a U-turn.
Drivers looking at your driveway, not at who or what might be in your driveway, resulting in serious safety concerns.
The overall safety of friends, family, animals, and children caused by cars using driveways at any time.
Unknown vehicles loitering in private driveways.
Vehicles trespassing on private or closed properties/lots.

The Solution

Drivewayspikes provide a plethora of wonderful opportunities to owners for many reasons, making them the prime solution to unwanted vehicles entering your driveway. Here’s why they work so well:

Drivewayspikes discourage U-turns in your driveway
Give the appearance of a sharp, metal spike that would puncture tires of unwanted vehicles
Alternative to gates, chains, ropes, milk crates, cones, and other driveway barriers that require higher maintenance and can pose their own frustrations
No actual damage to vehicles and their tires while allowing you to drive over or on them with ease
No need to get in and out of your car when you leave or return home

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