Drivewayspikes Features

Driveway guard kid Safe

  • Fake rubber spikes
  • Heavy weight.One inch thick, 6 ” wide.
  • Over 6 pounds. Will not blow away.
  • 22″ Drivewayspikes will handle up to a 14 ‘ driveway(see pictures)
  • Allows owners and guests to drive on or over them without tire damage.
  • Highly reflective D.O.T. yellow for night time visibility.
  • Eco-friendly.Made from recycled rubber tires/rubber “spikes.”
  • Are cost effective alternative to electric gates,fence gates.
  • No moving parts or metal.
  • No need for electricity or batteries.
  • Easy to use.Just place them down in the center of your driveway.
  • Pick them up for snow removal.
  • $44.95     FREE SHIPPING


  • U-Turns?
  • Vehicles using your driveway to make a U-Turn.
  • Your driveway is not Public Property.
  • Drivers look AT your driveway,not who is IN your driveway. This makes for a dangerous situation.
  • We where frustrated and concerned for our safety ,and that of family, friends and pets.
  • The idea of a flexible, safe, and easy-to-use driveway barrier was born.


  • Discourages U-Turns and unwanted vehicles from your driveway.
  • Drivewayspikes are safe, flexible recycled rubber,rubber spikes.No metal in Drivewayspikes.
  • Gives the appearance of a tire puncturing device.
  • Drivewayspikes are an alternative to expensive gates, chains, rope, milk crates or other driveway barriers.
  • Reflective yellow provides night visibility.
  • No damage to your vehicle..
  • You can Drive Over or On Them.
  • No need to get in and out of your car when you leave or return home.
  • Drivewayspikes resolve these issues.
  • Drivewayspikes  help provide peace of mind to those who live alone and are intimidated by unknown vehicles  approaching their home.
  • Drivewayspikes are great for vacation beach homes.
  • Paid Parking lots
  • Separate VIP parking
  • Cell lots
  • Props in adverts and commercials

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