Drivewayspikes Features

The Details

DrivewaySpikes are made from materials that are designed to be long-lasting, strong, and effective. The bases use rubber, which is sturdy and won’t crumble due to overuse or weather exposure. The base also features reflective yellow markings to alert drivers at night. The yellow spikes are made from a plastic polymer that won’t harm tires, nor will it break as it is driven over. Should something happen, the spikes can be easily replaced using our Replacement Spike Set (sold separately).


The Problem

DrivewaySpikes were created to stop vehicles from u-turning where they shouldn’t, and have expanded to cover a multitude of applications. Many of our customers face problems such as:

  • Unwanted vehicles using your driveway to make a U-turn.
  • Drivers looking at your driveway, not at who or what might be in your driveway, resulting in serious safety concerns.
  • The overall safety of friends, family, pets and children caused by cars using driveways at any time.
  • Unknown vehicles loitering in private driveways.
  • Vehicles trespassing on private or closed properties/lots.

The Solution

Drivewayspikes provide a plethora of wonderful opportunities to owners for many reasons, making them the prime solution to unwanted vehicles entering your driveway. Here’s why they work so well:

  • Drivewayspikes discourage U-turns in your driveway
  • Give the appearance of a sharp, metal spike that would puncture tires of unwanted vehicles
  • Alternative to gates, chains, ropes, milk crates, cones, and other driveway barriers that require higher maintenance and can pose their own frustrations
  • No actual damage to vehicles and their tires while allowing you to drive over or on them with ease
    No need to get in and out of your car when you leave or return home

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