The Details

DrivewaySpikes™ are designed to stop unwanted vehicle traffic for residential, commercial and government use. This traffic safety product appears like it would puncture tires when driven over but features flexible polymer yellow colored spikes to prevent vehicle damage. DrivewaySpikes™ can be used to keep children and pedestrian movements safe while protecting your property. The base is made from durable EPDM rubber with U.V. protection and features a reflective yellow stripe on the top side for nighttime visibility. Available in two sizes. Our 22” long model and the interlocking 47” long version.

The Problem

DrivewaySpikes™ were created to stop vehicles from u-turning where they shouldn’t, and have expanded to cover a multitude of applications. Many of our customers face problems such as:

  • Unwanted vehicles using your driveway to make a U-turn.
  • Drivers looking at your driveway, not at who or what might be in your driveway, resulting in serious safety concerns.
  • The overall safety of friends, family, pets and children caused by cars using driveways at any time.
  • Unknown vehicles loitering in private driveways.
  • Vehicles trespassing on private or closed properties/lots.

The Solution

Drivewayspikes provide a plethora of wonderful opportunities to owners for many reasons, making them the prime solution to unwanted vehicles entering your driveway. Here’s why they work so well:

  • Drivewayspikes™ discourage U-turns in your driveway
  • Give the appearance of a sharp, metal spike that would puncture tires of unwanted vehicles
  • Alternative to gates, chains, ropes, milk crates, cones, and other driveway barriers that require higher maintenance and can pose their own frustrations
  • No actual damage to vehicles and their tires while allowing you to drive over or on them with ease
  • No need to get in and out of your car when you leave or return home


Your questions answered…

  1. What are the DrivewaySpikes™ made of?

    The Base of the product is made from very durable EPDM rubber with the yellow spikes made from a flexible plastic polymer.

  2. Will the yellow spikes damage my tires?

    No, the spikes will bend downward when a vehicle drives over them then bounce back upwards. The spikes also will not harm children when playing.

  3. Can the DrivewaySpikes™ be seen at night?

    Absolutely, with a reflective yellow strip placed on top of the base the product will be easily viewed at night.

  4. Will the DrivewaySpikes™ migrate when driven over?

    Over time with many transitions of vehicle traffic the product can migrate, and a repositioning may be necessary. Another option is to secure the product to your driveway surface using the included anchoring hardware.

  5. If I anchor the DrivewaySpikes™ to my driveway can I remove it?

    Yes, using the anchoring hardware you can easily anchor, remove then re-anchor the product.

  6. Where do I place the DrivewaySpikes™?

    You have various options for the placement of your product. When purchasing just one unit you could place this one product in the middle of your driveway or at one side directly where a vehicle tire would pass. When purchasing two products it would be advised to place each of these unit where the vehicle tires would pass. When purchasing multiple units, you can create a ‘line’ across your entire path of travel.

  7. Do you offer different sizes?

    Yes, in terms of the Base of the DrivewaySpikes™ we offer the Model # DS-22 which is 22” long containing five flexible yellow spikes and the Model # DS-47 which is 47” long containing eight flexible spikes. The DS-47 is designed to be interlocking. The flexible yellow spikes are 4” long for both models.

  8. Do you offer the required materials for anchoring the DrivewaySpikes™ to asphalt and concrete surfaces?

    Yes, every product comes with the anchoring hardware. You will need an appropriately sized drill bit, an electric or battery-operated drill, a hammer, and a Phillips head screwdriver. See our Product Details link for our Assembly and Anchoring Instructions.

  9. I have a gravel driveway can I still use the DrivewaySpikes™ product?

    Yes, it would be recommended that you anchor the product to your gravel surface using 6” to 8” long galvanized spikes available at your local hardware store.

  10. Do you offer Assembly and Anchoring Instructions?

    Yes, see our Product Details link for additional information.

  11. Is there a weight limit that the DrivewaySpikes™ can accept?

    Any over-the-road passenger or commercial vehicle is fine.

  12. Will direct sunlight damage the DrivewaySpikes™ product?

    The product has been made using U.V. inhibitors and will be quite durable however, with use you may need to replace the yellow spikes.

  13. Can I replace the yellow spikes?

    Yes, we sell the yellow spikes separately in a package of FIVE units. See Ordering Details for further information.

  14. I live in Canada can I purchase the DrivewaySpikes™?

    Yes, please email us at for a shipping quote.

  15. Do you sell to Retail Stores?

    We are selling through some retail outlets however, the DrivewaySpikes™ product is relatively a new product and we are establishing our marketing system.

  16. Can we purchase the DrivewaySpikes™ on a retail, commercial or governmental basis?

    Yes, please email us at: or call at: (518) 372-1300 ext. 202 and let’s discuss your individual needs.