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Drivewayspikes are a new, innovative way to discourage unwanted vehicles from entering your driveway. Made from a flexible, recycled rubber base, the rubber spikes will not damage your vehicle or tires and provide a sense of safety, stability, and comfort to any home or business owner.

Used for parking lots at restaurants, night clubs with VIP parking, hospital lots, private condos, cell lots, residential homes, and more, the base has a reflective, yellow D.O.T strip for nighttime visibility. To the average driver contemplating a U-turn or intending to access an off-limits area, Drivewayspikes are a battery-free and low maintenance visual deterrent. Their sturdy structure allows them to stay securely in place for ease of use while being a diverse option for many people.

Please refer to our product information page for more details on what makes Drivewayspikes so great.

drivewayspikes blocks car from entering driveway

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